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Saltby 2000 Meeting minutes

Saltby 2000 aims to work in an open, transparent and inclusive way. All meetings are held in public and input from everyone in the village is welcomed.


To see what's been discussed at our monthly meetings you can read the minutes from all of our meetings from the last 12 months by simply clicking on the links below.


All of the files are saved in PDF format, so you will need Acrobat Reader to open them. Most machines have this pre-loaded, but if you don't have it you can download it free here


To access minutes of older meetings (back to October 2008) email the Secretary to request a copy of the month you are interested in.


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last Meeting

Thursday 7 January

Thursday 4 February (AGM)

Thursday 3 March

Thursday 7 April

Thursday 5 May

Thursday 2 June

Thursday 7 July

No meeting in August

Thursday 1 September

Thursday 6 Oct

Thursday 3 Nov

Thursday 1 Dec



All meetings held at the Nags Head starting at 8pm.


All Saltby residents are welcome to attend and contribute to discussions.




Meeting held on Thursday 2 December 2015


Venue Nags Head



Chair – Suzanne Alexander

Vice Chair - Martin Quilter

Secretary – Douglas Brown



Treasurer - Frances Shelton



Minutes of the Last Meeting

The minutes of the last two meetings were approved.



1. Matters arising

1.1. None to discuss


2. Recent Activity

2.1. Bonfire night Saturday 7 November

2.1.1. Numbers were down on previous events.

2.1.2. It was suggested an earlier start might be helpful. It was suggested the 2016 event should start at 6.30pm.

2.1.3. There was an issue with the number of discarded sparklers. It was agreed to bear this in mind next year and consider banning them.

2.1.4. £160 was taken for food.


3. Treasurer’s report

3.1. The treasurer was unavailable to present the latest figures.


4. Future activity

4.1. Christmas Fair 5 December Nags Head

4.1.1. Suzanne reported that there are now sufficient stall holders.

4.1.2. It was agreed to ask stall holders for raffle prizes.

4.1.3. It was agreed to set aside £20 for the purchase of raffle prizes.

4.1.4. Suzanne agreed to arrange four floats from the Treasurer


4.2. Christmas party 20 December

4.2.1. Frances to buy presents.

4.2.2. Father Christmas to be sought.

4.2.3. A flayer is to be distributed asking for party goers to bring food to share.

4.2.4. Steve Wallace to be approached regarding games.


4.3. Senior citizens’ lunch 16 December

4.3.1. Open to all over the age of 60.

4.3.2. Flyer to be distributed asking all eligible village residents to contact Martin.

4.3.3. Angie Cunningham has volunteered to help.


4.4. New Years Eve party

4.4.1. Theme agreed as Fantasy “fairy tales of Saltby” – withes, wizards, fairies etc.

4.4.2. 8 ‘til late

4.4.3. Attendees to be asked to bring nibbles.

4.4.4. Music to be from music centre.


5. Any Other Business

5.1. Defibrillator

5.1.1. A letter needs sending to the new owners of the chapel to arrange for the movement of the defibrillator.


5.2. First aid training

5.2.1. It was agreed to ask Al Page if he could deliver some first aid training in the village.


5.3. Village sign

5.3.1. It was reported that feedback on the proposal was positive.

5.3.2. It was agreed to approach Chris Watten about construction.

5.3.3. It was agreed to put lights on the sign at Christmas.


6. Date of next meeting –

The next meeting will be held at 8pm on Thursday 7 January 2016 at the Nags Head.