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Saltby 2000

Saltby 2000 is a committee of villagers formed in 1999 and its principal purpose is to “Preserve village life and promote community spirit”.


Amongst other things Saltby 2000 manages this web site on behalf of the village, organises events and social activities throughout the year, such as bonfire night celebrations, the village Feast Day, children’s and a senior citizens’ Christmas parties, and produces a quarterly village newsletter "Saltby Now".


We believe this work has both long term and short term benefits, ranging from crime prevention to making the village a happier, safer place for our children.


Saltby 2000 aims to help make things happen in the village, and rather than lead activity it takes its ideas from the community itself. Above all we see our role as facilitators, helping the village community come together.


Click here to see the Saltby2000 constitution.


Saltby 2000 aims to operate in an open and transparent way, inclusive of the views of everyone in the village. You can see copies of the minutes of our monthly meetings here.


Meetings are held on the first Thursday of every month in the Nags Head, and are open to everyone in the village. Whilst there is an elected committee everyone is free to contribute to meetings either in person or by sending ideas or comments in.


Saltby 2000 welcomes everyone's input and any ideas/suggestions that you have to enhance the community spirit will be greatly appreciated.  Contact can be made with any of the Saltby 2000 Committee members via the contacts page.


One of the services Saltby 2000 delivers for the community is to produce a welcome pack for people new to the village. You can view a copy of the general information we distribute on-line here, but anyone resident in the village will get a hard copy when they move in along with a skills and social list of their neighbours.



Current Committee members


Chair - Suzanne Alexander

Vice Chair - Martin Quilter

Treasurer - Frances Shelton

Secretary - Douglas Brown 


Everyone is welcome to all of Saltby 2000's meetings, and village events depend on friends and neighbours getting together to volunteer their time to make things happen.

Saltby 2000

meeting dates 2015.

(All meetings held on the first clear Thursday of the month at Nags Head at 8pm unless indicated otherwise)


6 January

3 February (AGM)

5 March

2 April

7 May

4 June

2 July

6 August

3 September

1 October

5 November

3 December




Love Saltby?

Then why not give a little time to help make our village events happen. Saltby 2000 is always happy to have new volunteers!