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Saltby 2000 Committee

The Saltby 2000 Committee, was formed (as the name suggests) in 2000 to help coordinate events and other projects in the village. Since then it has taken a few hiatuses and was most recently regenerated last August. In addition to the core committee members, many of the villagers are a part of the extended committee group and are vital helping hands. If you are interested in joining either the committee or the extended committee please get in touch with one of our members, whose details can be found below. 

Committee members:

  • Maxine Clift (Chairperson)

A former NHS director, recently retired. She has lived in the village with her husband, Laurence and their Bengal cat since 2016. She is very bossy but very organised (as described by her husband and fellow committee members!) but she loves a laugh and good company. Max enjoys theatre, reading and nature; and has been a committed vegetarian for over 40 years. Her contact details are: or 07895 350 660.

  • Frances Shelton (Treasurer)

Fran has been the treasurer of the committee since 2009 and continues to support the committee in this important role.

  • Anne Lucas

Anne has a farming background, but has been involved in the catering industry for 40 years. After having setup and run her very successful restaurant in Grantham, she now concentrates on her outside catering company, from which she is hoping, slowly, to take a back seat! Anne moved into the village just over 2 years ago. She enjoys the outdoor life and has a deep passion for food, wine, N.H racing and handbags....not necessarily in that order. Her contact details are: or 07976740862.

  • Ali Galliers-Pratt

Ali has been involved in the horse racing industry since 2010 and currently works for the British Horse Racing Authority. She moved to the village from North Devon in June 2022 with her two dogs, which she can often be seen walking or running with each morning. Ali enjoys running, cycling, mountain climbing, bouldering and computer programming. Her contact details are:


  • Keith 

Lives in the village and occasionally presents moderately baffling quizzes. 

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