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Saltby Church

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The Church of St Peter at Saltby is believed to date from the 12th century with the oldest part believed to be the tower.


The stonework suggests that materials were taken from several different quarries; one form of stone that can be seen is the reddish ironstone, which is indigenous to the Saltby area.


Saltby is part of the High Framland group of Parishes which also includes Branston, Croxton Kerrial, Harston, Knipton and Sproxton. They have a web site you can see here.


 You can view the latest copy of the High Framland News here.



Parishes - Branston : Croxton Kerrial : Harston

Knipton : Saltby : Sproxton


Contact –


The Revd David Cowie

7 Sycamore Lane


LE14 2AZ


01572 789954 /  07377 873837


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