Saltby is a small, friendly, village in North Leicestershire half way between Melton Mowbray and Grantham close to the border between Leicestershire and Lincolnshire.


You'll find out on this web site what's being planned in our community, what we've been doing recently and how to get involved in village life.


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If you're on Facebook and want to be part of our community on-line, you can join our group "Saltby Village" , and if you have ideas or comments for this site you can add them via the "Ideas page".



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Future village activities

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New to Saltby?

Just moved in, or thinking of moving to our village?


Here is our welcome to Saltby pack free to download with all sorts of information to make your arrival in our community easier.


Click here to download the PDF.


When a list of events and dates is agreed they will appear here....

Safety and Saltby Airfield.  

The gliding club really does welcome everyone.  Unfortunately, some recent casual visitors have given major cause for concern.  The concrete and grassed areas are active runways.  You may not hear aircraft coming until it is too late: they are heavy, fast and hard.  There are long cables attached to a powerful winch and you may be invisible to the winch operator. If you want to visit us, please call at the clubhouse for advice.  If nobody is there please approach the launch-point via the Viking Way and drive along the concrete runway keeping close to the hedge line.  Park next to other cars already there.  Be prepared to stop and give way to taking off and landing aircraft. In this way we can all stay safe.  

Thank you.

Businesses in Saltby

Saltby has a thriving business community, with a wide range of services and products being supplied either from the village itself, or by people who live in it.


To see some of our local businesses click here.